Logo of the Research Unit of the DFG: "Tropical Mountain Rainforest (TMF); DFG = Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (central public funding organization for academic research in Germany)

Hemispherical image of the canopy for the analysis of canopy structure. © Mathias Oesker
ECSF research station in the tropical mountain rainforest of Southern Ecuador © Jürgen Homeier
Lab at the research station © Mathias Oesker
Welcome to the homepage of the

Research Unit "Tropical Mountain Rainforest"

which was founded in 2000.
Valley of the Rio San Francisco in the research area © Mathias Oesker
Bandage of a dendrometer to measure the growth of a trunk © Jürgen Homeier
A cable system transports researchers across the San Francisco River © Jürgen Homeier
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Last update: 16 October 2003

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© Research Unit of the DFG: "Functionality in a Tropical Mountain Rainforest: Diversity, Dynamic Processes and Utilization Potentials under Ecosystem Perspectives"

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