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*International Summerschool 2006*

*Sustainability in Forestry and the Wood Industry* is an international course held in english which will take place from *September 24th to October 7th of 2006* at Technische Universitaet Muenchen in Freising, Weihenstephan. It is intended for highly qualified young scientists and professionals that want to improve existing knowledge about the ecological, technological and socio-economic background and concepts of sustainability management. For details please visit the Summerschool website at http://www.forst.wzw.tum.de/summerschool/

Contact person: Dr. Michael Weber, m.weber@forst.tu-muenchen.de


Conference Announcement:
Climate Change: Organizing the Science in the American Cordillera
(CONCORD, pdf-file: 0,01 MB)
4-6 April 2006, Mendoza, Argentina


Congress at Loja
14-17 November 2005
Website: http://www.bosquesecoybotanica2005.org.ec/


All Groups, Group Leaders and Projectnumbers on a single page


Latest Progresses and Plans


General Introduction to the whole project (Oct. 2004; pdf-file; 2,1 MB)


Actual Progress Report and Plans (Oct. 2004)


International Conference on "The El Niño Phenomenon and its Global Impact" (16-20 May 2005, Guayaquil, Ecuador)

Second Circular (pdf-file)


Conference at Loja (Oct. 2004) / Conferencia Anual en Loja (Oct. 2004)

Progress Reports and Plans / Avances y Planificacion


International conference on "Regenerating Mountain Forests" (RMF 2004)

The RMF 2004 is hosted by the Chair of Silviculture of the Technische Universität München. It is a joint conference of the following IUFRO units: 1.05.14 Sustainable management and silviculture in mountain forests, 1.05.08 Temperate forest regeneration, and 1.05.00 Silviculture for sustainable multifunctional forests.

The aim of this conference is to gather experts in the field of regenerating mountain forests to discuss their latest findings, novel approaches, and best practices related to the following provisional topics:

  • Natural regeneration (seed production and dispersal, seedling establishment, growth and survival, silvicultural techniques to promote regeneration, impact of game)
  • Artificial regeneration (afforestation, restoration, planting techniques)
  • Target values of regeneration on stand and landscape levels for sustainability of mountain forests management
  • Economic and social impacts on mountain forest regeneration

For details and online registration please visit the conference website at


Next Annual Meeting of the Society for Tropical Ecosystems

Next Annual Meeting of the Society for Tropical Ecosystems (GTÖ: Gesellschaft für Tropenökologie):

Biodiversity, and dynamics in tropical ecosystems

will take place 18 - 20 february 2004 at the University of Bayreuth. Congres language will be English. Please register until 31th October 2003. Online registration.



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