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"Bosque Tropical Iluvioso Montañoso"

*International Summerschool 2006*

*Sustainability in Forestry and the Wood Industry* is an international course held in english which will take place from *September 24th to October 7th of 2006* at Technische Universitaet Muenchen in Freising, Weihenstephan. It is intended for highly qualified young scientists and professionals that want to improve existing knowledge about the ecological, technological and socio-economic background and concepts of sustainability management. For details please visit the Summerschool website at http://www.forst.wzw.tum.de/summerschool/

Contact person: Dr. Michael Weber, m.weber@forst.tu-muenchen.de


Conference Announcement:
Climate Change: Organizing the Science in the American Cordillera
(CONCORD, pdf-file: 0,01 MB)
4-6 April 2006, Mendoza, Argentina


Congreso Loja
14-17 November 2005
Website: http://www.bosquesecoybotanica2005.org.ec/


Avances y Planificacion


Nombres de Grupos, Investigadores y Numeros de los proyectos


International Conference on "The El Niño Phenomenon and its Global Impact" (16-20 May 2005, Guayaquil, Ecuador)

Second Circular (pdf-file)


Conference at Loja (Oct. 2004) / Conferencia Anual en Loja (Oct. 2004)

Progress Reports and Plans / Avances y Planificacion



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